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Hear & Say: Reading with Toddlers is a program of the Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island

What to do when children are two?
Spark an interest in books and learning with
Hear and Say: Reading with Toddlers
Now you can help build a sturdy foundation for language and a love of reading by sharing your time with a young child.
Why?  Research shows that using the Hear and Say Reading method with two to three-year-olds improves early development, communication, and parent/child relationships.
We now know that the years from birth to three years are critical.  Too many children still lack the everyday experiences and interactions that promote their development. Simple and inexpensive activities like talking and playing are important, especially in language, yet many children are missing out.
You can help.
How? Hear and Say Reading teaches parents, grandparents, babysitters, and volunteers a simple way of reading stories with young children that encourage early language development. Using conversation about the story and pictures. Hear and Say Reading builds a child’s vocabulary and sentence skills.
Where?  Information about Hear and Say Reading has been provided to parents through public libraries, adult literacy programs, and neighborhood family centers.  If your community organization would like to learn more, contact reading@bainbridgeislandrotary.org