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By Maureen Fritz-Roberts

Being part of something new is always exciting. You get that “cutting edge” feeling. It must have felt that way when the first automobile hit the roads; the first astronaut rocketed into space; the first person to get more than 100 friends on Facebook. Time passes quickly, so when we have a chance to be first, we have to move quickly before it is gone. That must be the feeling you get when you charter a Rotary Club. Think of it this way.   Currently we have 90 clubs in our district. That means a minimum of 1800 Rotarians hold or have held the title of charter member. Considering three clubs are celebrating their 100th anniversary this month, odds are a lot of charter members are no longer with us. If you are a charter member of the Rotary Club of Pt. McNeill, you would have your name on a plaque on a at the seafront.  Other clubs display those names on plaques on the wall of the room where they meet. It a badge of pride.

You can be part of that. You can help form a new club or a satellite club, so more people will get to feel the way you do about Rotary. Those new members can feel that joy of being charter members.

I feel that way about the new District Magazine. It’s an exciting format and an excellent opportunity to offer your stories for the entire district to read.  I can see a whole new scope of possibilities with this approach. Hats off to Caleb Summerfelt for creating this.

Keeping secrets never works well, especially when it is about exciting events. Send your stories to Caleb and let all the other clubs in the district know what is happening in your community. Encourage your club members to take unique and interesting photos to go with those articles. Let’s make this a magazine Rotarians seek out.
I feel grateful to be part of two new cutting-edge opportunities this August. There is a new club getting ready to charter. There is a new District Magazine. We all have the opportunity to jump in and do one little thing to help them both succeed.

Even though every month is Membership Month, August gives us a particular opportunity to consider membership growth in Rotary. Many districts in the Western Hemisphere are shrinking. There is an exception to this phenomenon: District 5020. Under the guidance of Corey Lopardi, the membership numbers have been in positive territory.  
Corey and I chatted about why Rotary is so special. I hope you will tune into our conversation in my video message this month. Let’s celebrate every member of in every one of our clubs. They are all “game changers.” Anything worthwhile that happens in District 5020 is because of one of you.  Thank you for being a Rotarian.