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Governor’s Message: December 2018
By Craig Gillis, District Governor 2018-19
Welcome to  Basic Education and Literacy Month
September 8 is United Nations' International Literacy Day to raise people's awareness of and concern for literacy issues in the world.
Each month the Rotary Calendar introduces us to the ‘Seasons of Rotary’. When we think of September ….there are many memories and stories that emerge…..many related to that time of year when we again begin to excitedly think of education and the return to school.   September in a Rotary year is a month dedicated to ‘Basic Education and Literacy’.   How proud we are to know that in so many ways our clubs promote education and literacy, not only in our home communities, but also for those with less advantage and opportunity in our larger world.

Photo Caption:  Campbell River Daybreak Scholarship recipients 2018
Literacy, A Rotary Area of Focus
Literacy is, with good reason, an Area of Focus for The Rotary Foundation. Literacy impacts our individual growth, as well as our communities and economy.
If a country is able to improve its average literacy score by 1%, it is estimated that it will generate an increase in labour productivity above 2 % and a higher relative per capita GDP of 1.5% (Coulombe, S. & Tremblay, J. (2005). Public investment in skills) This translates into millions of dollars in our area alone.
2017 Council on Resolution Decisions

Seventeen Resolutions to the 2017 Council on Resolutions received a positive response from the Council and were forwarded to the R.I. Board of Directors for consideration. The Board considered 15 and forwarded two on to the Foundation Trustees for their consideration.

Here is a brief summary of those Resolutions and the results of the Boards and Trustees consideration.

12 Weeks of Summer Food Program
The Rotary Club of Yelm is bringing their community together to serve a need in feeding children this summer. This is the 2nd summer of their summer food program, nicknamed the “12 Weeks of Summer”.
Photo Caption:  #5 packing crew, the largest one to date
What a difference a year makes!
I never imagined when sending Grace away last August how fast it would go or what would happen here during that year she was away. As we are getting ready to welcome Grace Bradley home soon from her grand adventure abroad, I can't wait to see how much she has grown and hear all about it. She was so fortunate to have so many great people to help her and look out for her along the way (John Terje Jopperud, Hanne Jaerson, Linda Thoresen, Heidi Christensen, Bjarne Haugland and I am sure I have missed some).
Photo Caption: Grace's host families in Stavern, Norway after a Rotary meeting.
Dear RYE Students and Family
An open note… from District Governor Craig… to returning Rotary Youth Exchange Students and Family members gathered in Seabeck, Washington.
I still remember the nervousness during district interviews, the excitement during Outbound Orientation… and the mixed emotions as you left your homes and families for your remarkable year.   The writer Tennyson says, “I am a part of all that I have met” – In short I know that you have returned with experiences and the best parts of so many you met during your year – and I am confident there are many who will never forget you or their shared experiences.  You have left parts of yourself wherever you have been – the best parts!
Photo Caption:  Rebound Students
The Signs of Our Times
3 Rotary Clubs & A Documentary = $12,969.00
By Sunset Rotary Tacoma WA
Have you ever wondered about the person behind the cardboard sign by the freeway? What is the story here? That is exactly what was behind the making of a documentary Signs of Our Times, The Signs You See, The People You Don’t.
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