Experience different cultures and build international friendships through – Rotary Friendship Exchange

Rotary International has documents that explain the program, although each district does it a little different, District 5020 follows the below pattern.


    • A RFE District Chair communicates with potential Districts to travel to in communications with the District RFE Committee.
    • Once a district is chosen to partner with, the word is distributed.
    • Each participant funds their way. Couples or singles are welcome. All Rotarians are invited and their partners. (I.e., partners do not have to be Rotarians friends of
    • Rotary may also apply through their local Club).
    • Youth can also be a part of RFE and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please ask.
    • Generally, an RFE lasts about two weeks. Some Districts ask for shorter periods.
    • Around 8 – 12 form the team, which includes a team leader.
    • The team lands at the pre-determined date in the host country. From there, the team is hosted by local Rotarians.
    • The RFE team is home stayed, usually changing host homes every few days. Several communities are visited.
    • The host Rotarians show their guests local sights of interest, parks, museums, things they are proud of. There are often Rotary-hosted parties. Rotary projects may be toured.
    • The hosts generally cover lodging and home meals. Transportation within the district is provided by the hosts, but admissions or extraordinary costs such as restaurant meals are covered by the guests.
    • The visit is then reversed with the foreign district visiting our district.
    • RFE participants are expected to host for a few nights and participate when they visit here. (I.e. volunteer to host them for some or all of their days in the 5020 community you reside. A typical tour might be three days in Nanaimo, three days in Sooke, three days in Poulsbo, three days in Olympia.
    • The pace is usually brisk. Get up in the morning, maybe tour a Rotary project, and then perhaps see a point of interest or two. There may be a Rotary meeting or party in the teams’ honor to attend in the evening.
    • The visiting team is asked to provide a short presentation at the Hosts’ Rotary meetings.
      You will travel with a group, and the hosts will map out your tour. We often give input to preferences but generally, what they plan is what we do.