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District Foundation Chair

Howard Svigals
The $10,000+ giving level does not include Paul Harris Fellow recognition point, but does include amounts given in combination to both the Annual and Permanent Funds.  The giving level can also be achieved by combining TRF giving between married spouses (both are recognized together).
The most common ways 5020 Rotarians are becoming Major Donors:
1.      Accumulated Annual Fund giving over time, typically Paul Harris Society members eventually giving enough;
2.      Planned Giving to avoid tax on asset appreciation, to enhance income, and to take upfront tax credits/deductions.
To learn how becoming a Major Donor can help the Rotarian Donor and TRF, contact:
Call 866-9ROTARY or 866-976-8279
The Rotary Foundation has also employed Elizabeth Cruft-Anderson to assist District 5020 with Major Gifts and can be reached at:
Elizabeth Cruft-Anderson
503 744 0865 

District 5020 is gaining momentum with Major Donor giving to both the Annual and Permanent Funds.  In general, Major Donor recognition is made to Rotarians giving $10,000 or more of current assets to The Rotary Foundation. 

Would you like to be recognized as a Major Donor to The Rotary Foundation during this Rotary year? You can do this if you:

  • Make a pledge to donate $10,000 within the next three years, or
  • Make a pledge to donate $25,000 within the next five years, or
  • Make an initial outright gift to the Rotary Foundation necessary to reach the cumulative total of $10,000 or more

The Rotary Foundation recognizes couples or individuals whose combined personal outright or cumulative giving has reached $10,000. Major Donors provide substantial support for their choice of The Rotary Foundation's Annual Programs Fund or The Permanent Fund. Each Major Donor may choose to which Fund their gift is directed.

As a Major Donor, you will enjoy the benefits of:

  • A Major Donor Crystal recognizing your commitment to The Rotary Foundation. Recognition is normally awarded at a Rotary event of suitable importance, or as you may request.
  • A cloisonné Major Donor diamond-shaped pin with diamonds representing your Major Donor Level, from One Diamond ($10,000).
  • Fellowship with other Major Donors who share your degree of support for such an important cause, including:
    •  An invitation for you and your guests to our annual reception (typically held at the District Assembly and Leadership Training Program)
    • Fellowship at other Rotary events throughout the year. (Bequest Society and Paul Harris Society members are also invited to many of our events).


Contact District Foundation Chair Howard Svigals