District Governor 2016-17

District Governor 2016-17
Joanne Croghan and Don Mannino

ImageJoanne was born in Seattle and has lived in the greater Seattle area for most of her life where she worked for years in advertising and public relations.  She has one adult son in college.  In 1980 Joanne moved to Bainbridge Island (BI) where she was elected to the local Park Commission where she served for over eight years.


Joanne lived in Nairobi, Kenya for four years in the late 1960’s.  Joanne returned to Uganda in 2001 with a literacy project in Rotary.  She was so moved by the plight of villagers who did not have access to clean water that she began a clean water project.  As of 2013, and numerous Rotary grants later, the project totals 131 villages with access to clean water.  The project budget is near $2 million as Rotarians continue to add water points and teach hygiene and sanitation practices for the area.


Joanne has been a member of the BI club for 20 years.  During that time she chaired Youth Exchange, Membership, Fellowship and World Community Service Committees.  She was the Club Service Director for a three year term, and served as Centennial President in 2004-2005.  Joanne has attended four RI Conventions, is a multiple Paul Harris donor and a member of the Bequest Society.  Joanne served as the District World Community Service co-chair, AG for area 9, and District Water Coordinator.  She is a charter member of WASRAG and has worked on committees for same.


Don graduated from the U. of Rochester, NY and worked for Corning Glass in product development, marketing and sales.  After almost 40 years, he retired and joined the Rotary Club of BI serving as Auction chair in 1995 and president in 1995-6.  Don has helped managed the annual auction and heads the club’s major grants committee.  He is a multiple Paul Harris fellow, and member of the Bequest and Paul Harris Societies.


Don and Joanne each lost a spouse to illness in the spring of 2009.  They first consoled each other, and then realized an attraction which resulted in marriage in 2012.  After all there was no hesitation to begin dating, because as Rotarians, they were pre-qualified.


They are honored to have this opportunity to serve this dynamic district.