By Richard Clarke
The Council on Legislation considered the proposed enactments in themed clusters. Below is a summary of the Council’s decisions. An official report from RI will be published on by July.


The Council on Legislation considered the proposed enactments in themed clusters. Below is a summary of the Council’s decisions. An official report from RI will be published on by July.


17 proposed enactments

Two were withdrawn – the rest were rejected.


11 proposals

3 adopted

Amended RI Bylaws by adding a sentence to Article 4.070 re limitations on membership - “ each club shall endeavour to build a well-balanced membership that celebrates diversity” .

Amended article 13, section 5 of the Standard Club Bylaw by deleting a requirement that a club president must continue until a successor has been elected and instead say “ in cases where a successor has not been duly elected, the term of the current president shall be extended for one year only”.

Amended article 8 of the Standard Club Bylaws – to require that at the AGM – a review of the past year’s activities, financials and a budget forecast for the current year be presented.

Amended article 22 of the Standard Club Bylaws to increase notice of name change from 10 to 21 days.


6 proposals

2 withdrawn

2 adopted

One just cleaned up some language to reconcile with 2016 council flexibility decisions.

A more substantive one amended the Standard Club Bylaw Article 12 section 1 to remove the current 14 day before or after a club meetings for a make-up to count to – any time within the year.


3 proposals

Amend Rotary International Bylaws Article 4 and Club Standard Bylaws Article 10 deleted to again reconcile with 2016 changes.

Amended the Rotary International Constitution Article 5 Section 2 to add in “occupation” and to remove the restriction of 5 persons with the same classification – and to clean up the language re members who are holders of public office in both RI and club bylaws.


3 proposals

2 were adopted

Adopted an amended motion to provide that when a RI Pres-elect is unable to serve, the board shall select a new Pres-Elect from the candidates considered at the time of Pres-elect’s nomination.

Added some clarification to Article 12 of the RI bylaws to enable the nominating committee to nominate a candidate from any country with the only restriction being not from the same country two years running.


3 proposals

One adopted a provision to amend RI bylaws Article 13 to give nominating committee 2 more weeks in which to meet.

The 2nd proposal adopted was to article 13 of the RI bylaws to enable Districts to use a nominating committee process to pick the Districts member to serve on the Director’s nominating committee.


7 proposals

4 adopted

One modified RI Bylaws Article 14 to set July 1st as the date for determining club size for purpose of voting in District Governor elections.

Another amended the same section to set an effective date for voting when a DG’ selection is challenged

A 3rd amended the RI Bylaws Article 6 to provide that in a District that does not have a Vice-Governor, and a DG vacancy occurs – the RI president may appoint a DG from the PDGs – rather than a “qualified Rotarian”

A 4th amendment – to RI bylaws Article 13 – will require clubs to be in good standing with the district to participate in the DG selection process.


4 proposals

2 were adopted

One amended the RI Bylaws to give Immediate PDGS. up to one year rather, than just 3 months to fill all their annual report and annual statement requirements

A second amended Article 16 of RI Bylaws to give a majority of clubs the right to request the DG to call a legislative meeting if they have not done so themselves


11 proposals

1 withdrawn

5 adopted.

Article 5 of RI Bylaws was amended to provide that, “ each director shall regularly report on the decisions of the board and his/her activities as Director to the membership in his/her zone and the alternate/paired zone”.

Article 6 of the RI Bylaws was amended to state that the General Secretary of RI shall be the chief Executive Officer – which is change from the current Chief Operating Officer.

Another change to RI Bylaws Article 16 – removed the 2 year wait period before District changes may take effect.

Another change amended the RI Bylaws Article 21 to remove the naming restriction on the name of the North American Rotary magazine

Another amended the RI Bylaws Article 3 to enable the board to terminate a club upon the request of the DG if its membership false below 6 members.


A amendment was approved to the RI Constitution to include Rotaract clubs as members of Rotary international


5 proposals

2 were adopted.

An amendment to RI Bylaws Article 17 – passed which allows for care-over of an additional Rotarian member to the next Convention organizing committee

A second amendment to the same section provides for equal representation of Rotaractors and Rotarians on the Rotaract committee.


3 proposals

1 was withdrawn

2 adopted

An amendments to RI Bylaw article 5 essentially cleaned up the bylaw to remove content that repeated provisions regarding the convention that are set out in the RI Constitution .

A secondment amendment modernized the provisions of Article 6 of the RI Bylaws with respect to the election of officers at the Convention


15 proposals

8 were withdrawn

The RI Board proposal to increase dues $1 per annum for 3 years starting in 20-21 was approved.

A proposal to change the name of the General Surplus fund to RI Reserve fund was approved.

As was a motion to move away from a % target of the budget as the reserve target to empower the board to “ establish an annual reserve target sufficient to ensure that RI will continue to meet its financial obligations”. if at any time the RI Reserve is greater than the RI Reserve target set by the board, the board by a 3/4vote may authorize the expenditures of amounts of expected revenues provided the expenditure would not cause it to go below the reserve target.


8 proposals

6 adopted.

One amendment to the RI Bylaws enables to board to call an urgent meeting of the Council on Resolutions to address an urgent enactment proposed by the RI Board .

A companion amendment to the RI Constitution, Article 10 was also adopted. Another amendment to the RI Bylaws Section 8 clarified the possible use of ballot by mail for districts considering club proposed Resolutions.

Another amendment to the same Article of the RI Bylaws to clarify description of defective resolutions

Two adopted amendments to the RI Bylaws Article 7 provide for an advance vote by the Council on proposals to the Council – if less than 20 % support – the proposal will not proceed to the Council but if more than 80% support shall be included in a consent agenda at the Council meeting.


6 proposals

2 were withdrawn

4 were rejected.


5 proposals

4 were adopted

One amendment to RI Bylaws Article 9 simplified the process for certifying District Representatives

Another amended the same article to reduce the number of non-voting members of the council

An amendment to RI Bylaws Article 20 will require Zone Directors to report upon the legislation and resolutions considered by the Councils.

Another amendment to RI Bylaws Article 9 will require that where clubs object to a Council decision – the General Secretary shall publish the vote count on the RI website.


2 proposals

One is an effort to clean up the language of the RI Bylaws and the second to do the same for the Standard Club Bylaws. both were approved.


One proposal to approve RI seeking reclassification of Rotary Internationals tax status from a section 501c (4) to a Section 501 c (5). It was approved.


Complied by Richard Clarke D 5020 Council on Legislation Delegate May 17,2019